Assorted articles on investing and wealth management.

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Warren Buffett’s Advice

I am sure you have heard of Warren Buffett, who is generally considered to be the most successful living investor. He is CEO, chairman and president of the US listed investment company Berkshire Hathaway; which as of last night had a share price of US$187,750. Due to Buffett’s phenomenal investing success, (over the last 49…

A Tax On Savings

I don’t mind that the additional tax on tobacco will take a packet of cigarettes past $25, after all smoking imposes a cost on society. However the reverse is true when people save their money, which is why a tax on savings would have to be one of the more bizarre concepts thought up –…

What are the Benefits of Index Funds?

It is clear that managed funds offer greater diversification than most people can achieve through direct share investing. Whilst there are many thousands of managed funds they can essentially be broken down to two groups, “active” and “passive”. Active managed funds attempt to outperform the benchmark index through wise stock selection whilst ‘passive’ managed funds…

Investment Risk & Oil Prices

Risk: The chance that an investment’s actual return will differ from the expected return. It is because of this uncertainty of return that investors deserve a risk premium. Risk Premium: An expected return greater than a risk free asset (cash/term deposits). The premium provides compensation for the risk of an investment.