Just my random thoughts and views on a range of, usually, financial related topics, but which don’t necessarily have anything to do with financial planning.

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The Great Lockdown

Officially we are in a bull market again as there has been a 20% gain from the March lows. You could be forgiven for thinking the worst of COVID-19 is over, at least in regards to the sharemarket. However I don’t think this is a prudent position to take.

Banknote from Zimbabwe

Coronavirus and Inflation

I conduct a ‘risk profile’ with every client and this helps guide the overall asset allocation for their portfolio. One of my questions is on inflation, and it is always met with indifference. This is because inflation hasn’t really been a problem in Australia for decades. Inflation may soon become a problem though.

ATM Blessing or Curse?

I congratulate the CBA for coming out and announcing the cancellation of the $2 ATM fee by non-CBA users. It was a rip-off; no question. Withdraw $100 and the banks clip 2% from you. Fortunately, most other banks followed CBA’s lead within the day. But there is a downside, and the main one is that…