Numerous articles covering superannuation.

Insurance In Super?

Most superannuation funds offer life insurance In fact if you join your employer’s default super fund it is compulsory for a level of life insurance to be provided. Very conveniently for the insurers and super funds, the obligation is for the fund member to ‘opt-out’ if they don’t want the insurance; that is, if you…

Salary Sacrifice

Salary sacrifice is a tax effective way to increase your superannuation balance. In essence it involves voluntarily sacrificing some of your salary into your superannuation account. It is very simple to implement; you simply notify your employer that you wish to salary sacrifice x% or $x of your future salary into super and make a salary…

Industry funds; working for you the member?

We have all seen the (expensive) advertisments on television stating how the members are the prime consideration of industry funds. In addition the Industry Super Funds website states they “are run only to benefit members”. I’ve previously written articles here and here about how this isn’t always the case, but I’ll expand with a few more examples.