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seek independent financial advice

Independent Financial Planners

Before you hand over your money to a financial planner, make sure you are going to receive independent financial advice. Because if it’s not independent financial advice, then the financial planning advice can’t be considered unbiased or impartial.So what is independent financial advice, and how do you ensure that you receive conflict-free advice?

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The Great Lockdown

Officially we are in a bull market again as there has been a 20% gain from the March lows. You could be forgiven for thinking the worst of COVID-19 is over, at least in regards to the sharemarket. However I don’t think this is a prudent position to take.

It Pays To Look At The Details

Before you part with your money, it pays to look into the financial details; or have someone do it for you. Platinum Asset Management (PTM) is a widely respected fund manager and is listed on the ASX. It has recently been announced that they are starting a Listed Investment Company (LIC) called Platinum Asia Investments.…

Corporate Governance Takes a Back Seat?

Peter, Frank & Stven Lowy (Picture: James Croucher Source: TheAustralian) It’s common to come across clients who have a strong preference towards property investing over share investing. The aversion to shares is borne from the daily volatility that shares exhibit. Perhaps the more logical reason to shun shares is questionable corporate governance practices. The current Westfield Trust debacle…