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Financial Planning

What is Financial Planning?

I thought it wise to share with you what financial planning is and what a financial planner actually does, because in my experience most people either have misconceptions or just don’t know. I’m also going to provide some guidance on the different types of financial planners and crucially, some important steps you need to take…

‘Banking Bad’ – ABC show

Whilst highly unlikely to be as popular as the hit TV show ‘Breaking Bad’, ABC will be airing ‘Banking Bad’ at 8.30pm tonight. Banking Bad is from an investigation by ABC and Fairfax and is expected to air the practices of certain unscrupulous Financial Planners in the Commonwealth Bank.

Warren Buffett’s Advice

I am sure you have heard of Warren Buffett, who is generally considered to be the most successful living investor. He is CEO, chairman and president of the US listed investment company Berkshire Hathaway; which as of last night had a share price of US$187,750. Due to Buffett’s phenomenal investing success, (over the last 49…