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seek independent financial advice

Independent Financial Planners

Before you hand over your money to a financial planner, make sure you are going to receive independent financial advice. Because if it’s not independent financial advice, then the financial planning advice can’t be considered unbiased or impartial.So what is independent financial advice, and how do you ensure that you receive conflict-free advice?

One-off Financial Advice

Sometimes you have a question about a financial matter and just want an answer; not a  relationship. It is for this reason that Cornish Wealth Management offers one-off financial advice. One-off advice is also known as ‘situational advice’, ‘episodic advice’ or ‘event driven advice’. And we offer two types of one-off advice – ‘general advice’…

cut taxes

Salary Sacrifice

  Salary sacrifice is a tax effective way to increase your superannuation balance. In essence it involves voluntarily sacrificing some of your salary into your superannuation account. This article highlights important things to think about, including advantages and disadvantages, before you salary sacrifice.    Please note, this blog post covers salary sacrifice into superannuation; it…